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The Rutherford First Aid Ambulance Corps continues to rely on the financial support from our residents and businesses to support our life saving efforts. Based on our call volume, our operating expense for each ambulance call responded to is approximately $100.00. Our operating budget is completely financed through donations, including the purchase of our life saving equipment and our three ambulances.

Why do we have a fund drive?

With the exception of building maintenance, insurance and fuel, the Rutherford First Aid-Ambulance Corps, Inc. receives no support from the municipal government. Each February, the Ambulance Corps asks for donations from the public. Because the Ambulance Corps has NEVER billed a patient for its services, a successful fund drive is imperative for its survival. Unfortunately, only approximately 30% of Rutherford’s homes and businesses respond to our request for tax deductible donations.

Why should I donate?

The Ambulance Corps is an all volunteer organization whose members devote countless hours to make sure that emergency medical services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The Ambulance Corps has carried on this tradition of unselfish devotion to Rutherford’s families and businesses since 1949. When making a donation to our life saving organization, you can be sure that it goes toward providing the finest emergency medical services.

How much does it cost to run a volunteer squad?

Each January, we prepare a budget based upon the funds we received during the prior year. If we take our total budget and divide it by the number of calls we handle, our average cost per call is approximately $100.00.

What are some of the most costly bills?

Ambulance maintenance and repairs is our most expensive cost per year. We also have to budget our funds for the future to purchase new ambulances. An average ambulance will cost us over $150,000.00 and will last more than twelve years. In addition, we spend thousands of dollars per year on medical and oxygen supplies; and radio equipment and radio maintenance.

How do I donate?

Donating has never been so easy. Just click the “Donate” button on the right side bar and follow the instruction.
If you prefer to mail in your donation, please, enclose your name and address with your check and send it to the Rutherford First Aid-Ambulance Corps, Inc., P.O. Box 217, Rutherford, NJ 07070-0217.

Is there an annual fundraiser?

Yes. Each February, a mailer should come to your home or business. Please fill out the multi-part form with your tax deductible donation.
If you did not receive a mailer, it might be because you are renting or our database has not kept up with you. We would very much appreciate if you would make a contribution as described in the previous paragraph.

Are there other ways to donate?

Yes. We have a Memorial Donation program. In lieu of flowers at a funeral, some people chose to make a Memorial Donation to us in the name of a deceased relative or friend. We send the family a special card acknowledging the Memorial Donation. The two Rutherford funeral homes have additional information. In addition, since we are a qualified charity, people remember us in their wills with special charitable bequests.

Help to Continue Our Critical Life-Saving Services

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